July 13th, 2004

Sketches are UP!

I finally got around to getting all my sketches uploaded. It wasn’t really that uploading them was hard, it was figuring out what software I should use as my gallery. I finally decided on software I had used once before over at farshot.com called 4images , excellent software, and almost completely customizable. My only beef with it is that the code has table tags hardcoded into it. Which is fine I guess, unless you’re like me and want a 100% tabless layout. I’m probably 1 in a million, but if you can get away with an eligent look using CSS instead of tables, then do it, it saves alot time.

I actually spent 90% of my gallery customization time stripping tables out of the templates, which got rid of like about 30K of code per page! But I didn’t do it for those reasons, considering my images on average are like 60-200k. I did it cause sometimes tables and CSS don’t play nice together, and my goal with this site is KISS.

Anywho, let me know what you guys think of the sketches. Just fly an email off if you want, I don’t mind, and remember to tell your friends that you know this guy who can draw the Mona Lisa .

Later Guys and Gals,
Jim Fisher

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