February 23rd, 2008


Symbolizer Panel

The Symbolizer is an extension for Adobe Flash CS5 that helps speed up the organization of symbol creation by sorting during the creation of the symbols rather than after they are created.

Features include:

  1. Easy Panel Access. Having a panel allows you to have quick access to your symbol creation needs.
  2. Naming Memory. If your sick of having to retype symbol names over and over you will definately enjoy this feature.
  3. With a click of the mouse have symbols placed inside folders and subfolders on creation.
  4. Autonaming- Add your own prefix and suffixes as well as an auto incrementing ability creating names like prefix_name_suffix_1.
  5. Create Folders and SubFolders with ease

Watch the Demo Video

The Symbolizer: Flash

Simply pay through paypal and I’ll send you a copy of the symbolizer via email. This is NOT an automated system so it may take some time before your email with the information arrives (1-3 business days).


*Do to fraudulent behavior, there are no refunds once the product has been downloaded or emailed. I will of course re-email the software to the same given email address if for some reason it doesn’t make it.

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