September 10th, 2004

What has been up!

Hey guys Paperfuse is slowly growing! The funny thing is I never actually intended on more then a few people a day, but I’m getting more then I thought. Over at I released a week or two ago a few comics by the name of Deviled Eggs .

As for other news the Symbolizer has gotten some pretty good reviews! I’d like to thank Chris over at for actually putting the Symbolizer on his site, as well as mentioning it in his Macromedia Breeze Presentation.

I’m considering a promotion for my Symbolizer 1.0 and Email me if you guys/gals like the idea. I’m thinking since loyal buyers tend to also bring me the most business via “word of mouth” I thought the best idea would be to give those buyers a 10% referal fee. So, for example, you just bought the Symbolizer 1.0 and you have 5 friends that also want to purchase a copy. You tell them to put you down as a referer when they buy a copy. If all 5 bought the standard single user licence copies you would get back $6.47 sent to you in your paypal. Of couse that’s assuming a basic purchase. Lets say that you got all 5 friends to buy the site wide license you would get $29.97 in your paypal. That’s at least some free beer for something you may have done anyway. What can I say I like to reward people. If you guys think this is a good Idea, or a bad one, just shoot me off an email.


August 18th, 2004

Symbolizer Released!!!

Get the newly released Symbolizer 1.0 for only 12.95 USD, the price of a good set of sketching pencils. You can’t beat that anywhere else, probably cause I’m the only one selling it :). Anyways, the Symbolizer 1.0 is a must have tool to keep your Macromedia Flash 2004 library organized as you create your symbols. For more Click here .

And remember when you buy the Symbolizer 1.0 you not only help make the software better ( by encouraging further developement) but you also keep a poor college student off the streets!! ;).

Jim Fisher

July 13th, 2004

Sketches are UP!

I finally got around to getting all my sketches uploaded. It wasn’t really that uploading them was hard, it was figuring out what software I should use as my gallery. I finally decided on software I had used once before over at called 4images , excellent software, and almost completely customizable. My only beef with it is that the code has table tags hardcoded into it. Which is fine I guess, unless you’re like me and want a 100% tabless layout. I’m probably 1 in a million, but if you can get away with an eligent look using CSS instead of tables, then do it, it saves alot time.

I actually spent 90% of my gallery customization time stripping tables out of the templates, which got rid of like about 30K of code per page! But I didn’t do it for those reasons, considering my images on average are like 60-200k. I did it cause sometimes tables and CSS don’t play nice together, and my goal with this site is KISS.

Anywho, let me know what you guys think of the sketches. Just fly an email off if you want, I don’t mind, and remember to tell your friends that you know this guy who can draw the Mona Lisa .

Later Guys and Gals,
Jim Fisher

July 9th, 2004

Welcome to

Welcome to, as you can probably see I’ve been working hard to get this site up and running. It will be my online portfolio, kind of a compilation of my various artistic and programming endeavors. I hope you guys will enjoy.

Jim Fisher